Office Move Checklist: Your Guide To Moving Office

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Planning an office move can be overwhelming, with multiple tasks to juggle and deadlines to meet. To ensure a smooth and stress-free office relocation, it's crucial to have a comprehensive checklist that covers all aspects of the move, from planning and preparation to packing and transportation.


Moving Office To Do List

From creating an inventory list to hiring professional services, our checklist for moving office will equip you with all the necessary tools for a smooth transition. Whether planning out routes or finding the right service provider, our tailored checklist provides various solutions for any size of business.

Keeping these steps in mind and following them diligently, even large-scale companies can expect a seamless moving experience with minimal disruption. This blog aims to guide readers and office movers through the nuanced steps of successful removal.

Dive Into Our Expert Office Move Checklist

Ensure a successful office move by following our helpful step-by-step checklist! We'll guide you through each stage of the process, from planning to execution. Make sure everything is handled efficiently and professionally with this comprehensive checklist for moving the office to help make your transition easy.

Office Move Checklist Plan

Plan The Logistics For Your Office Move

Moving is a big decision and should be taken seriously. To ensure you have plenty of time to plan, we recommend starting the process 12-6 months before your desired moving date.

1. Review your current lease

Before breaking your lease, make sure you understand the potential consequences. For example, you may be responsible for a deposit or fee if you end the lease early and any property damage during the move-out process, such as chipped paint and broken light fixtures.

2. Get quotes from moving companies

Contact reliable office movers to find a trustworthy, budget-friendly option. Compare rates from at least three companies and prepare for your stress-free transition.

3. Determine if you need insurance

A minor accident can adversely impact your office relocation. A standard insurance rate of $0.60 per pound will provide little compensation - for instance, if you have a 50-pound desk, the payout is $30. Consider upping your protection, and don't let costly damages get in the way of success.

4. Set your budget

Setting a budget will help you select a budget and avoid overspending. Consider areas where you can cut costs, and learn the factors for your office relocation. But if you prefer an assurance of safety for your items, hiring professional office removalists has perks.

5. Plan the office move

When organising the move, assigning a point person and involving upper management as needed is essential. To ensure the process runs smoothly, decide who should be included in planning and distribute tasks accordingly.

Communication Moving Office Checklist

Start Communicating With Stakeholders

Notifying internal and external personnel of your move is imperative before the date is officially set. With this timely information, everyone involved can be prepared for a smooth transition into your new business home.

  • As you prepare to move, you must provide timely and formal notification of your intention. Notify the landlord and property manager, so they know you will be relocating soon.
  • Gather your team together and let them know about the upcoming move! Explain why you're relocating and detail the advantages it will bring to each individual — from new possibilities for their daily routine to enhanced working conditions.
  • Get your mailing list ready. Make sure to include everyone who needs to be in the loop with a change of address by creating an organised master list.
  • Team members should know their duties before beginning any project for optimal success. Ensure everyone is prepared and informed to ensure the team's objectives are met quickly and efficiently.
  • Ensure your move is stress-free by reserving with a reliable moving company. Make the necessary arrangements today to ensure an easy, organised experience.
  • Ensure a smooth transition by alerting our local partners, affiliates and suppliers to the updated address and contact information as you start your office move. Our dedicated team is here to support you throughout this process.
Preparation Office Moving Checklist

Preparing for a Successful Office Move

Don't let a relocation keep you from maximising the potential of your business. Be sure to plan and account for all necessary office equipment when moving locations and learn how to move heavy furniture on hardwood floors to avoid damage on the floor which will add cost– this will ensure that daily operations continue seamlessly during the transition.

1. Prepare moving inventory list

Create an inventory to ensure your office is adequately stocked with the right furniture.

2. Hire removalist

Hiring a professional furniture removal and storage company provides the perfect solution for moving with your family. Look at what they offer and create an atmosphere you can feel proud of.

3. Order new office furniture

Ensure your office is adequately equipped to work more efficiently with the latest furniture and stationery by placing orders for any necessary new items.

4. Organise storage

If necessary, arrange suitable external storage facilities to meet your needs.

5. Floor plan & colour coding

Use colour coding to distinguish departments and make navigation easier easily. For example, design a floor plan with allocated coloured stickers for each department, providing better orientation in the office space.

6. Staff planning

Ensure each team member is uniquely identified by assigning them a number and pairing them with their desk and equipment. It will streamline the identification process in your workspace.

7. Plan for communal spaces

Identify each communal space on the new floor plan and give it an evocative name to create a unique, dynamic atmosphere that draws people together.

8. Get your documents in order

Ensure all required documents are correctly signed and approved to comply with official regulations.

9. Secure parking

Make your moving day smoother by securing parking permits, local licenses and even elevators in advance.

10. Office cleaning

Ensure that your current and new offices are spick-and-span with professional cleaning services. Know that both spaces will be squeaky clean when you move in.

11. Organise security measures

Ensure the safety and security of your new workplace by finalising access codes to maintain secure premises.

12. Inform movers about your plans

Ensure your movers have all the information they need before moving day—provide them with a detailed floor plan, or schedule an in-person visit to the new premises.

13. Provide moving plan to staff

Ensure a successful moving day for your staff by providing them with an organised action plan. Outline specific steps to be taken so everyone knows their roles and tasks.

14. Emergency contact information

To ensure everyone's safety while moving, create a list of emergency contact numbers, including elevator maintenance personnel and building management.

Moving Office Action Plan Checklist

Office Moving Day Checklist

Moving day is an exciting yet stressful time; however, preparation can make the process run smoothly. Here are some tips to ensure your move goes off without a hitch.

1. Maximise your office's efficiency

Ensure that high-speed Internet/Wi-Fi access is available at the new office. Schedule a date for setting up phone lines and systems to ensure optimal connectivity and performance.

2. Get your IT firm on the plan

Schedule a time to install your new IT systems and get up and running quickly. It will provide the technology tools necessary for maximum efficiency.

3. Move items in the right place

Ensure that the removalists will arrange all necessary items in their designated places to ensure a smooth process. Items marked with different colours need special attention; this includes setting up desks and packing them into the relevant numbered boxes.

4. Don't forget snacks & refreshments

Ensure the moving team and internal representatives have snacks to energise them throughout their work by allowing a refreshment budget.

5. Keep it cool for staff & movers

To ensure a comfortable move, arrange to run the air conditioning during your transition.

Settling Into New Office Checklist

Settling Into New Office Space

Congratulations! You've made it to the finish line of your big move. Now put a bow on this momentous occasion by taking care of those final few tasks so you can return to business quickly.

Ensure a seamless transition for your business by clearly defining and demarcating all areas. Set up computers, and telephone systems, update the website with new contact information and create any necessary internal lists to distribute — remember to check for damage in the premises along the way.

Ensure insurance policies are transferred over correctly and return deposits from old locations before issuing out passes, essential cards/keys at your new office. Finally, review invoices and payments thoroughly before sending a press release informing you of your move.

Moving Advice

Leave The Stress With Your Office Removalists

Moving your office can be overwhelming — it requires a lot of planning, preparation and organisation. But that’s where Express Removals comes in! Our experienced team provides top-notch services for office moves, local moves and interstate removals for businesses of all sizes.

From providing a checklist for moving offices to ensuring quality service for years to come, our reliable team will take the hassle out of relocating your business. So get in touch today, and let us help make your move easier!

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