Moving With The Family in Tow

Moving house with the whole family

Moving with family  can be a great adventure, especially the kids. Let’s help you keep the stress out of your move and put the fun into it. Remember that children have such imaginative spirits, they can turn most mundane chores into an amazing adventure. The main thing is to make sure they feel safe and secure and well informed so that they can enjoy the journey.

Here are some helpful tips for moving the family.

Ready to Move the Children

Moving is a major life changer, especially for young children, it can have some anxiety and a stress attached. It’s important to keep them informed with whats happening and why and let them know what lies ahead. Having a going away gathering for friends and neighbours is great idea and make sure to take loads of photos.

Packing for the Road Trip

Whether flying or travelling by car its important to take not only their survival kit, clothes, toiletries, games and things for either overnight stops or for the first day at your new home. Don’t forget their special toys and there is nothing like a new book to start on at the beginning of a journey.

Plan Your Route

Make sure there are some interesting stops on your way. Maybe the children can do some research or map planning too. It can be great fun when everyone gets involved.

Be Prepared

The unexpected can happen, have an emergency first aid kit, plenty of water, emergency contact numbers, medical records and insurance handy. Research the best time to move house to have a smoother transition.

Take Time

Allow extra time when travelling with kids, there are always extra pit stops on the way. Give yourself sufficient time to arrive and don’t plan on your movers being on time just because you are. Even the best moving companies can’t control traffic or unexpected delays. Make sure you have extra clothes and whatever else you may need for an extra day.

Settling In

Start with setting up your children’s rooms first, so they can sleep in their beds and be surrounded by the things they love. This will help with feelings of security and belonging. The next room on your list should be the kitchen so you can get some well earned snacks and coffees for everyone.

When most things are unpacked, go for a family walk in your new neighbourhood. A new home and a new town are always exciting.

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