Make A Smooth Interstate Move

Make a Smooth Interstate Move

When you are looking to relocate from Perth to another state, you have a lot on your mind so it is a good idea to engage the services of an interstate removals firm early on and get them working on your behalf from the outset. Ask the firm to provide references and obtain a price quote in advance.

To make your removal date run smoothly with as little stress as possible, advance planning is the key. Make a list and work backward from your removal date to ensure you don’t miss anything.
Interstate removalists offer comprehensive services and can provide tips, checklists, cartons, storage, and experienced staff to assist you. They can put you in touch with important resources such as utility connection services to ensure your utilities are transitioned smoothly to your new home.

Prepare Your Furniture and Possessions

Furniture removals interstate can be convenient. This might be a good time to take a close look at your household goods and determine if you can do without some of them in your new home. Perhaps this is a good time for a garage sale. Removal companies are not allowed to transport any flammable or combustible products so make alternative arrangements for them prior to moving day
Organise your cleanup efforts to coincide with your rubbish removal schedule. Drain fuel from your lawnmower and other types of equipment you will be moving.

Disconnect computer and stereo equipment, labeling cords as necessary.


Consider having your removalist pack your possessions for you, especially fine products and other breakables. If you plan to pack clothing and some or all of your possessions yourself, the removal company can provide you with new cartons and packing materials. Be sure to take extra care to protect heirlooms, antiques and the like.
The key to packing is organisation. Pack seasonal items first, then seldom used items. Pack your house up room by room. Label everything clearly. Boxes should not weigh more than 50 pounds each.
On the last day, pack up food items you are taking with you and clean out your refrigerator. Be sure to tighten lids on jars containing liquids and to ensure other items are packed securely.


Create a list of all the things you will need to take with you on the big day. If possible, pack a carton with essentials such as kitchenware, bathroom tissue, medications etc. Create another list of things you need to do on that day. Be sure everyone in your family pitches in.


Be sure to advise the post office of your new address so your mail will arrive to your new location without a hitch. It is also worth advising the taxation office and arranging for an electoral roll transfer. You must notify the motor registry of your new address so your licence and motor vehicle registration can be brought up to date.

Moving Day

Keep an eye on your carton of essentials to be sure it moves with you. Be sure you have all your valuables and important papers with you. Check gas, lights, water heater and taps. Check that windows and doors are locked. Do a final walk-through with the removals crew to ensure they have taken everything.

Your interstate moving company in Perth will provide you with convenience and stress reduction, so get them on board early and let their professional staff make your move a smooth success story.

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