How to Move Heavy Furniture on Hardwood Floors

How to move furniture on hardwood floors

The time has arrived to relocated to another home or workplace, and your schedule is very busy. Apart from having to carry out your normal duties, you still have to contact the moving companies, fork out deposits, and make sure all things are organized for the big day. Once moving day comes, you may probably notice that, although you were getting ready for weeks or even months ahead of time, there are details you didn’t think about until the eleventh hour. Once you start shifting heavy furnishings on hardwood surfaces, it is easy to quickly cause damage, and you will find certain solutions to make this procedure simpler and less destructive to your floors.

Rubber Wheels

Sometimes called “skates”, rubber wheels are built especially for fast practical application to big furniture items. Much like the name implies, the skates permit a once awkward object to be easily rolled around on your floors. Despite the fact that they can be rather costly, you could save them for your future moves. Not forgetting, they will help you save even more in damages once the move is finished, letting you keep your safety deposit payment and prevent costly repairs.


When you have the time to gather a team together to assist, it is possible to prevent sliding your weighty objects across the floors at all. If you have sufficient people to assist, you could alternatively carry them to the moving van. It’s very crucial that you keep basic safety in mind if you opt for this approach as incorrect lifting form can injure your back. When lifting, remember to:

• Make use of the leg, arm and shoulder muscles, not the back
• Make sure all heavy loads are well balanced so they won’t shift around when you carry them
• Utilize a ladder if lifting over the head
• Work with smooth, steady actions
• Get as near to the load as possible, sliding it to you if needed
• Get extra help when anybody seems uncomfortable when lifting a heavy piece of furniture


One more practical solution is to make use of a dolly to wheel your weighty furniture across the floor. But, remember that some items like the fridge could be challenging to place onto the dolly. For items like these, it’s well worth the investment to buy or rent a hard-wheeled dolly to do the job.

When utilizing a dolly, it’s essential that you are properly prepared. In the end, your main objective is to make the task simpler with less risk to your lovely hardwood floors. To start with, protect the floor with blankets over the parts of home that you will be rolling the furniture through. For even more protection, lay down strong boards over the blankets. It requires a bit more time; however it’s really worth it.

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