Effective Ways on How to Pack Wine Glasses for a Move

couple packing wine glasses for a move

Imagine the exhilarating feeling of moving into a fresh, new home! The excitement that comes when you finally figure out when’s the best time to move house is incomparable. However, that excitement comes with the daunting task of learning how to pack wine glasses for a move. Picture yourself knee-deep in a sea of boxes and packing paper, strategising how to masterfully secure your precious household items, ensuring they arrive unscathed in your new abode.

Welcome to a daring adventure in packing the ever-so-tricky wine glass. Prepare to conquer the challenge of packing wine glasses for a move.

Get ready for an adventure in relocation! While we can’t wave a magic wand to remove the tiredness, we have secret potions to calm your nerves about the best way how to pack crystal glasses for moving. So prepare to explore tips, tricks, and the ultimate treasure trove of products perfect for packing your wine glasses safely.

Step-By-Step Guide on How To Pack Wine Glasses For a Move

Picture this: after a tiring day of moving into your new place, you unwind by unboxing flawless wine glasses to sip your beloved Cabernet.

No chips or cracks, just pure satisfaction. Discover the art of packing house wine glasses to ensure blissful moments in your new kitchen and home.

What You Will Need

Equipment / Tools

  • A pen for labelling


  • Cell boxes or used bottle boxes
  • Cardboard cell dividers (preferred)
  • Plain white or brown packing paper and tissue paper
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tissue paper

Step 1 – Measure Your Wine Glass

Discover the perfect box for your prized glassware by measuring the height of your loftiest glasses. Then, choose a box with ample space to avoid transforming your delicate crystal into a heartbreaking array of sparkling shards.

Step 2 – Buy or Recycle Boxes With Cells

Unlock the secret to protecting your precious glassware during a move by getting your hands on special moving boxes with built-in cells—a cardboard fortress for each glass. Your friendly neighbourhood wine or spirits store might just be your treasure trove.

Upgrade your carton game with “dish packs“, the go-to for pro movers. These 46 cm x 46 cm x 71 cm wonders boast double-thick walls and compartments, guaranteeing safety for your precious glass belongings. So say goodbye to worry and hello to secure glassware transport.

Step 3 – Gather Your Materials

Discover the perfect box to safeguard your precious glassware, and pair it with top-notch packing materials, guaranteeing that your quest for wine glass boxes pays off splendidly.

Here’s what you’ll need to gather:

  • Tissue paper
  • Printless newspaper (ink may stick to glass)
  • Bubble wrap
  • Cardboard divider sheets for layering

Learn how to pack your plates and glasses or special wine glasses. Take your time to choose the right boxes – with or without cells. These versatile materials can later be reused to protect your annual treasures of kitchenware and dishes.

Transform your empty boxes into protective havens for delicate glassware using the magical cushioning powers of bubble wrap and packing paper—Enchant boxes with a double layer of ink-free newspaper for added safety for boxes with built-in cells. Fear not. The spell strengthens as you wrap and stack the glasses inside.

Step 4 – Let’s Start Packing

Discover the art of securing a wine glass for an excellent packing adventure! Unveil the proper technique and the best way how to wrap wine glasses for moving.

  1. Begin by transforming packing paper into an intriguing sphere and tenderly nestle it within the wine glass’s embrace. Then, feel free to switch things up with the delicate touch of white tissue paper. Revel in this ritual until your glass brims with paper delight, ensuring a cosy, gap-free fit.
  2. Unfold a packing sheet and artistically place the wine glass across the lower corner at a striking diagonal angle, creating a visually appealing arrangement.
  3. Gracefully embrace the wine glass with the right edge of the packing material, wrapping it in a protective hug.
  4. Wrap the paper around the glass in a swirling dance, making your way to that sweet halfway point.
  5. Embrace your glasses with gentle folds of packing paper, wrapping them from top to bottom. Revel in the rhythm of rolling until they’re thoroughly entwined. Seal it with a tight tape, shielding them from outside forces. Tenderly cradle each glass in its fortress of solitude, doubling the wall’s thickness for maximum armour. Finally, let them slumber peacefully, nestled in a box of securely stacked wine glasses.

Cheers to breakage-free transport!

Step 5 – Secure Your Packing Boxes

Unlock the secret to perfectly secured cardboard boxes with suitable packing material. Then, dive into a fascinating way of efficiently protecting your glassware.

  1. Securing the box from inside

Create an enchanting foundation with crinkled wrapping paper, ensuring an even weight distribution. Alternatively, transform simple household items like towels, newspapers, or tissue paper into a magical cushioning layer.

  1. Secure the box from the outside

Give your box a firm foundation with powerful packing tape, wrapping it around 2-3 times to create a security blanket for your treasures. Mirror this marvellous technique on the cardboard box’s rooftop, but gently. We don’t want any shattering surprises! Ensure the box maintains its flawless figure, free from bulging bellies that could jeopardise your glass. Embrace the art of filling every nook and cranny, and brand your masterpiece with the delicate mark of “fragile contents.”

Voila! Your wine collection is snug and secure, primed for its grand relocation. Place these delicate treasures directly on your vehicle or truck’s floor to ensure a smooth, uneventful journey. Cheers!

How To Pack Wine Glasses To Move in Australia—Essential Tips

Treasure your expensive wine glasses by mastering the art of damage prevention. Let your heart skip a beat for the right reasons, not to discover cracks when unboxing your elegant stemware. With these clever tips, ensure that the only thing shattered will be your worries.

  1. Enhance the grip inside your box by scrunching up packing paper and creating a non-slip layer on the base. This nifty trick adds extra security for your precious items.
  2. Ditch those old, worn-out boxes. Instead, embrace the strong and sturdy charm of brand-new ones. But if vintage is your only option, ensure they’re dry and hole-free for a solid moving experience.
  3. Looking for sturdy, protective boxes for your fragile possessions? Liquor stores and wine shops offer specialised containers, perfect for keeping delicate items safe and sound.
  4. Avoid swapping packing paper with newspapers for wrapping your precious glasses. You may inadvertently end up with a lasting print on your glassware due to smudged ink.
  5. Got a box with built-in dividers? Use bubble wrap or foam cushion for a snuggly fit.
  6. Boost the stability of your glasses by positioning them upright.
  7. Safeguard your precious glasses by packing crinkled paper into the spaces between them. Show your glassware some love using boatloads of cushiony fillers to ensure their protection.
  8. Once the glasses are tucked in, jiggle the box. If a rattling symphony greets your ears, it’s time for an encore of crumpled paper cushioning.
  9. Cruise your precious wine glass container to safety – a car creates the perfect oasis to separate them from menacing furniture and appliances seeking to wreak havoc on your precious wine glass!
  10. Embark on the best way to pack wine glasses for moving adventure by tackling the notoriously tedious task of wine glass packing ahead of schedule.

Hiring a Mover vs DIY For Moving

By adhering to the outlined procedure, you’ll effortlessly relocate your exquisite wine glasses while maintaining their delicate condition. As a result, say goodbye to the jitters of handling fragile items solo.

Imagine the convenience of entrusting professional glass scratch removalists with packing and unpacking your belongings. Collaborate with Perth removalists and discuss adding these top-notch services to your package, ensuring a seamless relocation experience.

Break The Worry Away With Professional Movers in Perth

Looking for the best way to ship wine glasses can sometimes be stressful. However, knowing how to pack wine glasses for moving can help ease your burdens.

Remember to buy high-quality materials to ensure your precious glasses are protected. Also, take your time wrapping each glass. They are delicate, fragile, and expensive, so it’s best to be mindful when packing.

Discover the expertise of WA Removals, where our proficient team members effortlessly handle hefty box lifting and masterfully assist in packing during your moving process. Transform your wine bottle packing experience by incorporating our valuable tips and using appropriate materials. Contact us today for a smooth transition.

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