Guide on How to Declutter Your Home Room By Room

How to Declutter Your Home Room By Room

Relocating to a new place can be overwhelming and anxiety-inducing. On top of grappling with the tedious chore of altering addresses, arranging assistance, and coordinating utilities, one must come to learn how to declutter your home room by room.

To simplify your packing process, it’s best to declutter and organise any unnecessary items beforehand. This saves not only space but also time when it comes to packing.

Stop the endless cycle of moving boxes that remain fully packed from your last move. It’s a daunting and demotivating task that no one wants to handle. Let us help you streamline your move with expert packing and moving services, saving you time and energy to enjoy your new space.

Be proactive and avoid the chaos of last-minute packing! Trust us. You want to avoid being stuck with a mishmash of random items stuffed haphazardly into boxes and garbage bags. Imagine rifling through a packing box labelled “Oh, what’s in here?” only to find an unsightly jumble of crumpled paperwork, dirty dishes, and loose change. Instead, take control of your moving house in Perth by planning and packing strategically. It will save you from the headache of sorting through cluttered boxes and ensure your items arrive safely and securely in their new home.

Embarking on a decluttering journey can be overwhelming, but fear not! Our comprehensive guide will take you through each room of your home, providing expert decluttering tips on what to toss.

Decluttering Before Moving: What To Prepare

Set a Timeline

Whether you’re short on time or prefer to spread out your decluttering efforts, there are various ways to transform your cluttered house into a clutter-free oasis.

You can go all-in for a day or weekend blitz or a more systematic approach and tackle your clutter over a 30-day timeline. In addition, you can schedule regular decluttering room-by-room sessions on the weekends throughout the month.

Adopt a practical and achievable approach towards the decluttering room. Setting unrealistic goals is only going to leave you feeling exasperated.

Instead, create a systematic plan by dividing the spaces in question and estimating the time required to complete each. Combine these individual timelines to derive a comprehensive plan. It’s wise to allot yourself some additional time to counter unforeseen roadblocks.

When decluttering a room, just diving in headfirst can often lead to more chaos and confusion than before. That’s why it’s crucial to create a timeline before you start. By pulling out all of your belongings with a clear strategy for sorting through them, you can avoid wasting valuable time sorting through a jumbled mess.

Sort Your Belongings

Organising your home can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to sorting through all of your belongings. Luckily, a simple and effective method can make the process much more straightforward: the Three-Box Method.

This approach encourages you to go room-by-room, deciding about each item and placing it into three categories: keep, donate/sell, or discard. Using this method, you can avoid the common trap of creating a bigger mess than you started with and instead create a streamlined and organised living space.

Grab three boxes or storage bins and give them unique labels: “Keep,” “Get Rid Of,” and “Put In Storage.”

Prepare Your “Get Rid Of” Box

Have you ever wondered what to do with items in your “Get Rid Of” box? Luckily, there are a few sustainable options for disposing of them.

Donate or Freecycle:

Gain a sense of satisfaction knowing that the items you no longer need will find a new purpose in someone else’s home by donating them to a local charity. Whether it’s clothes, shoes, or household items, confirm the charity’s guidelines for accepted items before dropping off your donations. Alternatively, consider posting on or a Facebook resale group to connect with community members who may require your items.


If your neighbourhood offers curbside pickup, toss them in your recycling bin. If not, you can bag them up and drop them off at your nearest recycling location.

Have a Garage Sale:

Host a garage sale by turning unwanted items into cash. Don’t let clutter control your space and your life. Instead, connect with your neighbours or homeowners’ association to learn about community-wide garage sale opportunities. Take control of your belongings and make a profit at the same time.

If you need help with what to do with your items, try the 12-month test. This simple rule of thumb involves asking yourself if you’ve used, worn, or needed an item in the past year.

If you can’t answer with a resounding “yes,” it’s time to ditch, donate, or sell that item. Remember, decluttering is more than just getting rid of stuff – re-organizing is vital too.

How To Declutter Your Home Room By Room

Decluttering your belongings can seem overwhelming and even more so when moving homes.

However, it doesn’t have to feel like a tedious chore. By embracing the right mindset and breaking down the process into manageable steps, decluttering and organising can become a satisfying and refreshing task.

Here is our declutter checklist for moving effectively and efficiently, whether moving or not.

How To Declutter Your Kitchen

As the hub of cooking, eating, and socialising, kitchens can quickly become cluttered. Packaging plates and glasses for moving may seem daunting with many objects, from cutting boards to glassware, bakeware, and utensils. However, there is a solution.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but it can also be a cluttered disaster zone. From dropped bags to dumped mail and unwieldy cooking gadgets, it’s easy for things to pile up. Keeping the 12-month test in mind can help keep your cupboards and drawers streamlined. Here are some helpful tips for decluttering and organising your kitchen:


Think minimalism when it comes to countertops—keep them clutter-free by disposing of unnecessary paperwork, letters, and receipts. Neatly organise pens, scissors, and other stationery items in one spot (or transfer them to your home office). Store away any appliances that aren’t used regularly for maximum space optimisation—the same goes for magnets or papers on fridge doors.


Turn your pantry into an organised haven where items are quickly located and logically grouped. Say goodbye to the futile search for that spice or cereal box in a cluttered mess.

To start, declutter your pantry by disposing of expired items and consolidating similar ingredients. Next, use see-through baskets to neatly store your items and keep your pantry shelves looking spick and span.


Transform your fridge into an organised, efficient hub of freshness! Dedicate one day a week to evicting expired foods and salvaging your space with a monthly clean-out. By grouping similar items, like your own grocery store, you’ll have easy access to every culinary craving.

Use Drawer Organisers and Hooks

Make your kitchen organisation a breeze with the help of drawer organisers. These nifty tools will keep your utensils in order and easy to access.

And if storage space is an issue in your kitchen, don’t worry. Install small hooks to the underside of your cupboards, shelves, and doors for maximum efficiency. Hang your pots, pans, mugs, aprons, and tea towels to free up valuable cabinet and drawer space.

How To Declutter Your Living Room

The space sees a lot of action, but it’s typically designed to accommodate only some of your storage needs. For example, you may already have some pieces like bookcases and TV consoles in place, but you need more. The key is for you to:

  • You can easily find and grab your frequently used items, such as remote controls or books, in a snap by designating permanent storage spaces.
  • Declutter room by room or organise regularly.

Begin with bookcases, consoles, and side tables and enjoy a refreshing sense of organisation flow through your living area. Take a moment to empty the shelves and drawers and carefully assess the items that belong there.

Then, rejuvenate the space by putting away books, reducing paper clutter, and returning remote controls to their proper places.

Transition your focus on your electronics. Start by decluttering and removing devices that don’t connect to your TV or home theatre system.

Next, check the functionality of your remaining devices – if you’re not using them or it doesn’t work, it’s time to let them go. Finally, optimise your space by storing items like chargers and gaming equipment in places where you use them frequently.

As you end your decluttering and organising journey, remember the toys! It’s essential to look closely at each toy to see if it’s still working and if your kids are still interested in playing with it so it won’t take up to much space in the moving box.

Organise your living space easily by using a simple and effective strategy. Locate a container for items that belong in another room and return them to their proper storage spaces to have a swifter move.

How To Declutter Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the essential rooms to declutter before moving house. Start by sorting through your toiletries and other items stored in cabinets.

Next, remove non-essential items such as expired beauty products, empty bottles, or out-of-date medicines. Finally, donate or recycle any remaining items that you no longer need, such as old towels and clothing.

Next, turn your attention to cupboards and drawers, ensuring every item has its designated place. If you can’t find a specific home for something, it may be time to let it go.

Once everything is organised and sorted, vacuum up any hair or dust collected over time and thoroughly clean the room with disinfectants or wipes.

How To Declutter Your Home Office

When decluttering an office before a house move, it’s essential to start by dealing with any paperwork first. This could include old bills, financial documents, and other critical items to keep hold of.

Sort through these items and file them in labelled folders for safekeeping. If you can bear it, consider shredding anything that is no longer needed.

The next step is to tackle the desktop. Decluttering this room will help to reduce stress levels and make a move more accessible, as everything will be neat when packed away.

Start by tidying up wires, then move on to stacking books neatly in one corner and gathering up stationery supplies into boxes or compartments. Finally, if you have any furniture in the room, such as a desk or chairs you no longer need, donate them to charity or arrange a suitable disposal service.

How To Declutter Your Bedroom

Clearing out a bedroom before a house move can be an overwhelming task. Still, you can declutter the space effectively with a few simple steps. Start by tackling cabinets and drawers, sorting through stored items, and removing unnecessary items.

Next, donate any clothes or bedding you don’t want to charity. Finally, if it’s in bad condition, arrange for them to be disposed of responsibly.

The next thing to tick off from our room-by-room declutter checklist is wall decorations and other miscellaneous items such as photo frames or picture books. Again, take your time sorting through these items and eliminate anything that isn’t meaningful or sentimental. Finally, keep aside any photos, certificates, or other vital documents that need packing separately.

After this, you can turn your attention to the bedding and other furniture in the room. First, vacuum underneath the mattress then stores away extra blankets at the bottom of wardrobes or in storage boxes if necessary. If any books, toys, or craft supplies are lying around, gather them into baskets or onto shelves, making them easier to pack.

Finally, empty the rubbish bins and vacuum clean the floor, ensuring everything has been noticed when packing up the room.

How To Declutter Your Garage

Let’s be honest. Our garages are often a dumping ground for anything and everything we need help with. But when it comes time to move, that cluttered space can quickly become a nightmare. So, before you start packing up, it’s crucial to declutter your garage thoroughly. Take a critical look at everything and decide what truly deserves a place in your new home.

  • Equipment and Hardware
  • Building materials
  • Gardening equipment
  • Camping equipment
  • Appliance parts that you no longer use
  • Yard decoration
  • shattered things
  • Supplies for a party
  • Toys for kids
  • Additional automobile components
  • Miscellaneous

Unlock your garage’s full potential and transform it into an organised and functional space. Whether it’s a haven for clutter, a dumping ground for broken belongings, or simply overcrowded, you can create a garage that works for you.

First, evaluate your space critically and consider parting ways with anything you last used years ago or broken items beyond repair. Then, embrace the opportunity to declutter and create a garage that stores your things and maximises its potential as a practical part of your home.

Start Wrapping and Decluttering

Ready to make your move a breeze? Say goodbye to clutter with this guide on how to declutter your home room-by-room for a smooth transition. And if all this packing talk is stressing you out, rest easy with WA Removals’ full-service packages. We’ll handle the heavy lifting, so you can focus on starting fresh in your new home. Contact us today for a quote.

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