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Moving, whether it is across the street or across Western Australia, can be physically tiring, emotionally traumatic, and financially upsetting. On the other hand, it can be a rewarding and exciting experience for people who use a reliable and professional removal company. Thus, choosing the right removalist can make all the difference. Perth residents who are looking for reliable and affordable residential removal services should know where to start. Today, the internet makes it easy to find businesses of all kinds in a certain area. There are many local removalists in Perth; however, not all offer reliable services. Homeowners should, therefore, know how to pick the right mover.

How to Prepare for a Move

People who are preparing for a move should start early to give themselves enough time to choose the best moving company. They should begin their search well before the date they intend to move as the process of quotation may take several days or weeks. In addition, the best moving firms get booked up very quickly.

Everyone has different needs and preferences. Homeowners should choose a moving company that best suits their needs. However, it is unwise to pick a company solely based on price. It is important to consider what one requires from the removal firm and which firm meets one’s criteria the best. Many people underestimate the mount of mental and physical organization it takes to transport furniture and other household items to a new location.

In addition, people considering moving should enquire whether the moving company provides moving boxes, and whether it has a service to disassemble and assemble flat–pack furniture. Many moving firms offer these services, which could save one time and a sizable sum of money. Other firms also provide services such as detachment of dishwashers, washing machines and other household appliances.

It is important to get several quotes from different furniture removal companies well in advance of any proposed moving date. Many moving companies send out a sales estimator to their clients’ home to allow them to give a more accurate quote. Providing the moving company with the details of the new property’s layout and access points is important so that the moving professionals can be aware of what to expect and the equipment they will need.


Before one begins to lug furniture out to the moving truck, it is important to take several precautions. They include:

– Take a careful inventory of the furniture and how much time one will need to disassemble and prepare for the move.
– Select the tools one will need to disassemble the furniture.
– Prepare materials such as bubble kraft, shrink wrap, disposable furniture pads, and any other wrapping materials.
– Prepare the pieces of furniture that require dis-assembly first to save time.
– Remove any removable parts such as glass tops, table legs, bed frames and shelves, and keep the bolts, nuts and washers in a labeled plastic bag. Tape the plastic bags to the underside of pieces.
– Wrap fragile and valuable pieces of furniture with furniture pads or an old blanket to prevent damage.
– Place pillows and cushions in clear, plastic garbage bags and fasten them well.


Packing items into boxes is one thing, but hauling them up and down stairs and in and out of moving trucks is another thing. It can be exceedingly exhausting, especially when one is on a tight deadline. People with a sizable amount of items to move, including valuable items such as antique furniture, paintings and fragile pieces, should choose a removal firm that has experience in moving such items to take the burden off their shoulders. People who use reliable and experienced movers can concentrate on organizing other issues related to moving.

What to Expect from a Good Removal Firm:

– A fair and detailed quotation
– Polite and efficient customer service
– Insurance for clients’ possessions
– Licensed commercial premises
– Suitably trained and qualified staff
– Licensed moving vehicles
– Ability to provide references of recent jobs if asked for
– Compliance with relevant regulatory standards

What does a Furniture Removalist in Perth will expect from the Mover:

– A confirmation of the moving date
– Honesty about the quantity of furniture and items to be moved
– Payment in full on or before the moving date

Most Perth removals and storage companies offer quotations based on the information they receive from prospective clients, which is why it is important to be honest. Even the smallest item can have a bearing on the amount of time spent on the move. Certain items and pieces of furniture may need extra tools, equipment or even manpower to move. In addition, the amount of items will determine the size of the removal truck allocated to the move.

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