Top 10 Most Helpful Moving Tips

Helpful moving tips

1. Suitcases for the Occasion

Having suitcases are a good way to pack up for moving, they are portable and can hold a bunch of clothes, or other small stuff. They also stack together easily so you or the movers can easily place them in the moving truck for transport, and the handles allow for quick and simple unloading at the new place. You should avoid cheaply made suitcases that rip easily.

2. Storing Computer Files

Transporting a computer can come with risks most especially when moving office if you have computer files you cannot risk losing, save them and any documents you want to be protected to a removable storage device such as a flash drive. This is creating a backup of your files, then place the device in a plastic bag to keep them safe from moister as well. Not sure how to do the backup, a local computer store should be able to help.

3. Moving with pets

If you have pets that have a microchip with their information, be sure to get it updated with the new address. It is common for pets to get lost in their new surroundings and not be able to find their way back.

4. Moving the TV

You likely have one or more TV’s that need to be transported, so you want to make sure they arrive in the same condition they left in. Because of the parts inside being easily damaged, you should wrap the TV in padding and tape. Some places have recycled mattress padding that has been thoroughly washed and sold for this purpose as well.

5. Transporting liquids

If you have liquids that you cannot leave behind, you want to be sure they do not fall over and spill along the way. You should keep them boxed up separately just to be safe while padding the boxes while everything is in the upright position to eliminate spills as much as possible.

6. Items with sharp edges

If you have items such as tables that have sharp corners or edges, you should ensure they are safely moved, so no one gets hurt. There are corner protection kits available; you can find these in hardware stores fairly inexpensve.

7. Moving the Drawers

If you have a dresser, night stand or another item with drawers, then you want to be sure they are empty, and then leave them in the dresser or whatever item it is. You may choose to use tape that would easily peel off to help keep them closed during transport, and these are good for going in first to sit boxes on as well.

8. Lawn Mowers

If you have lawn mowers to move, then turn them over and empty the gas tank, or remove the gas tank all together. Gas leaks can be a hazard, and this goes for weed eaters and other equipment with gas as well.

9. Beds

If you are moving your beds, the first step is to break them down, so it is easier to move. The bed rails will take up less space when it is taken apart. The rest will be easier to move as well and can lean against the sides of the truck to conserve space.

10. Moving boxes

When moving it is always best to overestimate the amount of boxes you will need, this prevents you from being about done and finding out that you ran out of boxes for the last room. You should use smaller boxes to pack heavy items like books, then larger boxes for light items like clothing, blankets, etc.

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